Design – Quality development & the Public Realm

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Suggested topics from previous public meetings

  • Design Standards/Code
  • Promote exceptional design quality
  • Zero tolerance to poorly designed developments
  • Protect and enhance the existing built environment
  • An Exemplary Public Realm
  • Uniformity and Consistency
  • Integrated Approach
  • Landscaping
  • Street Furniture
  • Signage

Post Its – Public Meeting; Cliftonville Community Centre, March 1st 2014

  • Build by Heritage Guidance. Restore the old buildings
  • Build in line with heritage
  • Low Density accommodation for Elderly. Look at Draper’s Homes and AlexanderHomes as good examples
  • No more Turner type buildings
  • Good design for family friendly housing – Plan spaces
  • Insist on sensible and practical square metreage for new build accommodation
  • Consideration for materials, colour, style, of new buildings being built
  • WASH Arlington House and preserve it. It’s an Architectural Icon!
  • Respect the architect Russell Diplock and builder Bernard Sunley –Restore
  • Arlington House and support its listing by English Heritage
  • Refurbish Arlington House
  • Restart Loans to upgrade buildings as 2007
  • Stop financing developers and start loans programme for single property homeowners to restore and renovate their buildings
  • Actively seek out the views of YOUNG PEOPLE on this issue.
  • Try enforcing existing planning rules and agreements with local communities
  • Pavements – Re-instate – TOO MANY are tarmaced with repairs.