Economy – Vibrancy and Prosperity

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Suggested topics from previous public meetings

  • Employment use sites
  • Enterprise
  • Emerging Economies/Sectors
  • Green Economy
  • Small Businesses
  • High Street Commerce
  • Tourism
  • Culture
  • Strategies for vacant sites
  • Opportunities

Post Its; Public Meeting; Cliftonville Community Centre, March 1st 2014

  • Low rents to encourage use of empty shops- encourage creativity
  • Council can’t control rents so adopt Folkestone Creative approach. Buy buildings or transfer council ones.
  • Cheaper rates for small businesses in Old Town /Cliftonville to encourage smaller start-ups.
  • Cheaper parking to encourage people to visit Margate.
  • I understand that the forward council policy is to let the upper High Street drift into becoming an entirely residential area; with empty shops turned into flats.
  • Bad idea FREE PARKING and lower rates so independents can survive.
  • Training needed in practical areas – Where? When? Who?
  • Opening up the Old town Market Square to encourage businesses on both sides of the Market Square.
  • ACTIVELY seek out the views of YOUNG PEOPLE on this issue!
  • Start Guerrilla Gardening programme – Growing Veg. on disused land, feed the poor and encourage apprenticeships.
  • Guerrilla gardening is starting . Do It Yourself!
  • Where can small businesses go for help to survive. I know of two closed down recently .No help known of. …Or is there?
  • Only convert commercial property to housing after all avenues are exhausted and a significant time has elapsed.
  • SUPPORT Independent shops
  • Signage in Old Town needed to encourage people to visit it and know its there
  • I dream of a High Street like Whitstable’s!
  • Encouraging Market Stalls flea markets in Margate on Sat./Sun. mornings
  • A good flea market would be OK!
  • Parking costs too much! It’s cheaper to go to Tesco etc.
  • Not just “Economy” but Intellectual capacity or Happiness.
  • Encourage the use of local tradespeople
  • Encouraging social enterprise/CIC ( training, apprenticeships/qualifications)