Environment – Quality of Life

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Suggested topics from previous public meetings

  • Protect the Green Belt
  • Green Spaces ( existing and proposed)
  • Trees/Tree Preservation orders ( TPO’s)
  • Biodiversity
  • Allotments
  • Site of Special Scientific Interest
  • Noise Pollution
  • Leisure

Post Its, Public Meeting, Cliftonville Community Centre, March 1st 2014

  • Actively seek out the views of YOUNG PEOPLE on this issue!
  • Youth Social exclusion, can more be done?
  • Trees planted wherever possible
  • Cliftonville Cliff top as small scale wind generation area , as part of a wider project i.e. use the wind on the cliff top
  • Planting of more trees, replacing cut down trees
  • More trees on the streets. They add colour and character- Since moving here I have only seen them being cut down and not replaced
  • Palm Trees on the seafront at Margate WHERE DID THEY GO? This area of seafront would benefit from more greenery
  • Restore and Renovate existing buildings STOP new building.
  • STOP new builds- RestoreLido upgrade could re-energise that particular area and surrounding streets which are a total eyesore.
  • LIDO reinstated
  • STOP people saying, “Know when you are in Margate by the sewer smell.”
  • Steps to be kept clean from Oval to sand. They are always smelly and dirty for parents and children, who have to pick their way carefully down.
  • STOP FRACKING polluting our water.
  • Water quality for fish stocks and Tourism/Swimming.
  • Does ABC ( A Better Cliftonville ) fit into this?
  • Health- for example I notice a report a few months ago showing men in Thanet were the shortest lived in Kent. ( the same is probably true for women)
  • Health 2. For certain wards within Thanet Mortality/Morbidity will be shockingly low. A legitimate area of focus IMO ( In My Opinion)
  • Pollution from Boats
  • More dog bins
  • Pick up after your dog on the pavements
  • Are there going to be allotments allocated in Cliftonville? Where? How Many?
  • Would be good for so many (living) in flats.
  • Green space in Palm Bay not used yet
  • Palm Bay Estate GREEN SPACE next to St Phillip’s Church recreation ground, Palm Bay Avenue
  • No Fracking on our Green spaces
  • Northdown Park – needs community facilities/ Toilet/refreshments/seating
  • Northdown Park Children’s Play area – needs work and adding to
  • Enlarge the size of Dane Park- back to what it originally was
  • Keep dogs out of Northdown Park.
  • Green Gym
  • Leisure – Public toilets (needed) for beach and park users.
  • Litter bins needed