Heritage – Preserving the built environment

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Suggested topics from previous public meetings

Conservation & Listed Buildings

  • Existing Conservation Areas
  • Proposed Conservation Areas
  • Listed Buildings
  • Locally Listed / Buildings of Merit

Protect Existing Assets & Their Setting/Surroundings

  • Georgian, Victorian & Edwardian building stock
  • Turner Contemporary
  • Harbour Arm / Stone Pier
  • Kings Stairs / Sea Defence steps
  • Old Town
  • Margate Main Sands
  • Tudor House
  • Old Town Hall
  • The Countess of Huntingdon’s Burial Ground

Post It’s: Public Meeting, Cliftonville Community Centre, March 1st 2014
● Actively seek out the views of YOUNG PEOPLE on this issue!
● Where does the name Thanet come from?
● We need local list.
● Do not mistake heritage and conservation as a middle class concern. Heritage improves everyone’s lives!
● Create clear routes and links between heritage buildings and attractions.
● We need a Heritage Trail map and app. for Cliftonville and Margate Central residents
● Cliftonville Grotto.
● Margate Caves.
● Margate Clock Tower.
● Northdown House/Park.
● Push forward now for the Conservation Area in Cliftonville West.
● Do you speak to ABC? ( A Better Cliftonville)
● Urgent Conservation status needed in Cliftonville. It’s being vandalised.
● Restore original shop fronts on Northdown Rd – this used to be a stunning street, let’s make it so again.
● Conserve original shop fronts i.e. Northdown Rd.
● Standards for shop fronts re: signage, responsibility for upkeep in immediate area.
● Margate Museum should be on the list.
● Relocation of Margate Museum? Building not child/pram/family friendly.
● Funding for Margate Museum! Rich history! We need a place to visit to learn about and see the history of Margate.
● List Arlington House and car park. This is iconic 60’s architecture and could be a great cultural asset to Margate. This is a popular filming location and attracts many artists and artistic/cultural happenings. Encourage use as a skate park and urban art.
● No Tesco at Arlington House car park.
● Lido to become Victorian encounter venue with Lido and Victorian themed concessions.
● Lido. Please can someone save this place?
● Regeneration of Lido.
● Old buildings should be preserved not demolished. It’s our heritage for our young people.
● Recognise Thanet Press and other industrial buildings.
● Stop people ripping out original sash windows in Cliftonville.
● Reinstate the LIFT so that those with diminished or limited mobility can enjoy the beach. Please!
● What about TS Eliot? Wasteland ‘On Margate Sands’ 1922 + 1965 – 50th anniversary soon.
● Nayland Rock Hotel – it could be great! Spa/hotel/yoga holidays/high end visitor attractions?