Housing – Community Balance

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Suggested topics from previous public meetings

  • Space Standards
  • Mix/Diversity
  • Priority for Family Housing, where needed
  • HMO’s
  • Amenity Space
  • Sunlight / Daylight
  • Density
  • Quality

Post Its: Public Meeting, Cliftonville Community Centre, March 1st 2014

  • ACTIVELY seek out the views of young people on this issue!
  • No housing on the site of Northdown Public House – People of the Palm Bay estate
  • More people encouraged to take pride in their homes in Cliftonville
  • Where is the 106 money from developers?
  • Create strict rules for landlords who don’t look after their property and don’t like Margate
  • Protect heritage – conservation areas But to Let- tougher landlord enforcement
  • Green housing- i.e. renovate empty/derelict local housing, employ local people to insulate, cash incentives for owner occupiers
  • Renovate older buildings rather than new builds
  • Tougher enforcement of property managers of HMO’s
  • Safe, (security wise) communal wise bike parks
  • Tress planted in streets
  • Trees on streets, cutting them down because of disease and not replacing them is lazy vandalism
  • More family housing for transferring families to council houses
  • Street lighting
  • Play spaces
  • More communal refuse to keep sacks OFF the street
  • More quality
  • Community Asset mapping – Christ Church College
  • Enforced, if necessary, upkeep of buildings on seafront
  • Letting agents standards
  • More action against rogue landlords
  • Car parking and infrastructure considerations
  • Zoning needed to keep kids safe… 20mph limit.
  • More traffic control 20’s plenty
  • Reuse and re-generate existing buildings NO more new builds
  • Enforcement of management of HMO’s too many Bins outside properties
  • RE-instate Tree lined streets – Improving image and feel of the place -teaching us to take pride in community
  • Absent landlords (need) stricter enforcement
  • Bigger flats, more storage, more floor space for families
  • Bigger space standards
  • More family homes kept as family homes – not turned into flats
  • Control HMO’s we have too many in our neighbourhood of Warwick Road and Surrey Road