Transport – Ease of Movement

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Suggested topics from previous public meetings

  • Pedestrian friendly movement
  • Key linkages:
    – Station to Turner
    – Dreamland to High Street
    – Cliftonville to residential areas
  • Town trails, to connect attractions
  • Relive / avoid seafront congestion
  • Improve Clocktower roundabout
  • Parking & Residential zoning
  • Residential Streets
  • Cycle routes & bike parking
  • Accessibility
  • Wayfaring
  • Jacob’s Report Proposals

Post Its – Public Meeting Cliftonville Community Centre, March 1st 2014

● Meeting with future needs for increasing elderly population.
● Actively seek out the views of young people on this issue.

Bus Routes
● Re-route no 8 / 8a along the seafront* to take advantage of stunning local views. *not Trinity Square.
● Re-route the loop bus via seafront and Turner.
● .Relocate the bus stop by the Costcutter Hawley Street.
● Re-route the loop bus via seafront and Turner.
● Also get a bus service to Manston Tesco – not once an hour.
● Real time arrival times at bus stops – so if the next bus is really 10 minutes you can take exercise and walk a couple of steps.
● Link buses to go via seafront Turner then to Aldi and along Cliftonville would be very useful.
● Get a bus to go all the way on seafront. Not everybody has a car.
● Buses to cemetery say once a week. Somewhere to eat sandwiches and flask soup waiting for bus to return more than one on that day.
● Link Cliftonville beach, prom and walkways to Turner, Old Town etc.
● A cheaper stage-coach travel card just for East Kent. Make Thanet a dormitory commute zone for Canterbury.
● Palm Bay Estate. No buses on Sundays or bank holidays. Why?
● Get rid of the bus stops in the middle of the road down Northdown Rd.

● Safe-secure bike sheds for high density housing areas where there is nowhere to safely store bikes etc.
● More bikes – better and cleaner routes (especially flat ones) to connect Thanet towns.
● More clearly designating cycle paths/routes.
● Safe storage for bikes.

● Andrew’s passage is a public link to High Street and sea front. Preserve it

Street lighting and Public Realm
● Streetlighting – who is responsible and can plan, prescribe areas that need improvement.

NHS patient transport links
● Link up with Thanet CCG (NHS) re Transport
● NHS patient transport – link up with other groups or schemes providing this.

Yellow Lines and road markings
● Re-painting of yellow lines needed
● Enforce double yellow lines! Not necessary to have more wardens. The current ones need to be firmer.

Northdown Road
● Free parking Northdown Rd.

Parking Charges
● Resident and business parking permits.
● No uneccessary residential parking zones. It’s a joy to park outside your home for free unless we have a problem of too many cars. Free as much as possible please.
● Drop parking charges to encourage people into town.
● Ease parking restrictions to encourage visitors – hopefully to stay longer – spend more, enjoy.
● Encourage people into the town – lower parking fees.
● Don’t drop parking charges they’re not the reason people don’t come into town. Already cheaper than other towns.
● Central Margate – turn Media Centre ground into car parking.
● URGENT. No! Not More parking in Old Town!

Speed Limits
● 20 is plenty in Cliftonville. Check average speeds first!
● Zoning needed. Reduce speed 20mph enough.
● Shared space traffic management in residential areas.
● Zoning needed. Reduce speed 20mph enough

Visitor/ Resident/Tourism Economic/ Leisure Opportunities
● Station – Turner ric-shaws, carriages.
● Bring back the tram – Northdown Rd into Margate!
● Seafront involves play e.g. hop scotch for children – great sea front at Bexhill.
● Reintroduce donkeys for the beach!
● Bring back the topless bus for the summer!
● Introduce horse and carriage period experience for seafront.