Who we are

The MNPF, was constituted on the 12th of August 2013 and is formed of a variety of residents and local traders, representative of the local community by incorporating a broad demographic, skill base and age group. It has been widely publicised and will continue to be throughout the process to be as inclusive as possible.

The Forum has a Steering Group with 10 members:

Liam Nabb (Chair)
Dan Chilcott (Vice Chair)
Peter Miles (Treasurer)
Geoff Orton (Minute Secretary)
Valerie Kirschner (Membership Secretary)
Juliet Herd
Betty Ward
Louise Oldfield
Roxanne Tesla
Chloe Young

The Margate Neighbourhood Plan Forum membership is comprised of at least 21 individuals who signed the constitution and who represent a wide variety of ages, skills, professions, and life experiences and includes both long term residents and newcomers to the area.

Members include volunteers who support and maintain Street Schemes, Residents’ Associations, heritage and civic associations such as the Friends of Margate Caves, the Margate Civic Society, Margate Conservation Area Advisory Group and the Margate Town Team, along with general health , welfare and voluntary organisations such as Thanet Senior Citizens Forum and the Locality Community Organisers programme.

Members of the forum contribute aspects of expertise to the development of a Margate Neighbourhood Plan such as: Business ownership, arts regeneration, digital communications, marketing, commercial film making, university lecturing, tourism and hospitality, heritage, architecture, the geography of territory, politics and change, town planning, school and public governance, farming, town centre re-generation and working with and funding third sector organisations .

Members of the Forum give energy to preserving, extending and re-generating:

  • our heritage architecture,- by utilising imagination, expertise and skill to ensure long term existence in the 21st century.
  • the quality of life in our neighbourhoods, including the streetscape and natural environments
  • accessible and affordable transport
  • conserving and building the sustainability of our active coastline
  • creating educational, artistic and leisure opportunities
  •  considering how we can cooperate together in creating economic opportunities for all of us who live and work in our area.

Members of the Forum care about where we live, work and spend our leisure hours; our coastline and beaches; and giving energy to keeping our neighbourhoods inclusive, orderly, vital and interesting places where people can thrive and enjoy living.

The Forum welcomes anyone who shares our purposes and who lives, works or wishes to live in the Margate Neighbourhood Plan area and the Forum welcomes those who live in different localities and differing sections of the communities in the Plan area.